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Measurement Principle

Coded light approach in combination with sub-pixel algorithms

The coded light approach may be combined with the well known sub-pixel algorithms (in this case we should better say 'sub-line algorithm') such as, for example, the so-called 'phase shifting' method. With this method, the dark to bright borders of the projected lines are analyzed to interpolate the phase in order to determine whether a camera pixel is looking towards the left or right projected line-edge. To support this method, line-projectors from ABW are optionally able to generate gray-scaled lines. The Volkswagen R&D facility in Wolfsburg (Germany) reports an accuracy for a pixel of 1/7500 of the diagonal of the measured volume.

For human modeling appropriate configuration should be used. For example digitizing of a human face should be done with at least one projector and two cameras. So only some minor regions at the nose and eyes are not digitized.


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